Inverness primary pupils ‘narrowly escape’ being struck by reversing car

Two Inverness primary pupils got the fright of their lives after they narrowly escaped being struck by a car outside their school.

The youngsters were crossing the road outside Lochardil Primary School when a black Audi reversed at speed out of the staff car park.

The incident happened on the last day of term before the Easter break.

Lochardil primary headteacher, Audrey Kellacher, has written to parents to inform them of the incident and sight road safety concerns around the school.

She confirmed instances of “bad driving, near misses and inconsiderate parking” had been reported to staff by concerned parents.

In the letter, sent to parents, she wrote: “Unfortunately, as the result of a near miss incident reported to us on the last day of term, we again need to raise the issue of road safety concerns including use of the staff car park and parking around the school campus.

Lochardil Primary School junction to the car park.
The pupils were crossing the road at the end of the staff car park when a black Audi reversed at speed, narrowly missing them. Image: Google Street View.

“It was brought to the school’s attention that two of our pupils had a narrow escape while crossing the road at the end of the staff car park that is marked as an identified crossing.

“They believe they were nearly knocked over by a black Audi reversing at speed back through the car park gates which gave the children a great fright.

“Please, if any other parents/carers were witness to this on Thursday, March 28, or if you were the driver of the car, contact the school office immediately.”

Reports of bad driving made to school staff

The headteacher went on to stress complaints had also been received regarding motorists blocking access to the staff car park while dropping off pupils.

She added: “There have been quite a few instances of bad driving, near misses and inconsiderate parking being reported by staff members and parents/carers.

“We have also recently received complaints regarding dropping off children at the entrance to the staff car park, blocking access for valid users, and vehicles stopping on the yellow zig-zag lines to drop off.

“We appreciate that parking in the school vicinity can be challenging at times, and would like to remind everyone to adhere to the highway code, park considerately and courteously and most importantly we must all keep our children and the local community safe in and around the school campus.”

Highland Council has been approached for comment.

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